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PyCon Tutorial: Wiring Up Django Packages


You just finished the Django tutorial. What now? ===================================================

You learn how to Wire Up Django Packages!

This is a 3+ hour PyCon tutorial on March 14th at 1:20pm, in Santa Clara California at PyCon US.

In alphabetical order, the instructors:

Tutorial Description

Django is part of an ecosphere of over 20,000 packages, which can be leveraged to great effect. This tutorial will teach the evaluation, use, and extension of third party Python and Django applications in your projects. This tutorial will be a lecture with a lot of detailed and annotated code examples.

::: {#PyCon} This tutorial does much more than instruct on how to wire in third party packages, it also instructs on Django/Python best practices such as PEP-8, loose coupling, good database design, clarity of concept, and workable patterns. :::

Material covered:

  • Evaluating packages using Django Packages, PyPI, Read the Docs, and other sources.
  • Must-include packages for every project
  • Class-based Views
  • Forms
  • Models
  • Caching
  • Comments
  • Templates
  • Admin


This will be a lecture with detailed and annotated code examples. Attendees will have a chance per section to ask questions and submit alternative packages of their own.


Practical or professional experience with Django is recommended, but the material covered will be useful to anyone familiar with Python who has completed the Django tutorial.

If you are a new Python developer, we suggest in addition to our course you sign up for some of the introductory Python tutorials taught at PyCon next week. If that is not possible or you wish reinforcement, please dive into one of the following resources before you attend:


Space is filling up quickly, hurry up and register!

Registration for this event is $150 and occurs at https://us.pycon.org/2013/registration/register/.

Note: Registration for the conference part of PyCon is closed, but tutorials are still open.

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