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Daniel Roy Greenfeld

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About Me

I'm probably best known as "pydanny", one of the authors of Two Scoops of Django.

I love to hang out with my wife, play with my daughter, do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, write books, and read books. I work at Kraken Tech, a company that is part of the sustainable global energy Octopus Energy Group working to address global climate change.

About this site

This site is written mostly using NextJS. This is my first React project, which I learned in May 2021 to build out Octopus Energy US. There are a number of Python scripts that support it.

The source code is on github.

What about pydanny.com?

That site redirects here. The reason for that is while I'm a huge fan of the Python programming language, there are other languages that I like just as much. To be forever tied to one language felt limiting, hence why I moved the site to daniel.feldroy.com and stopped using "pydanny" so much.

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