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10 reasons to go to DjangoCon Europe

You should go to DjangoCon Europe in lovely Zurich, Switzerland. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Chocolate

So much of what we like about chocolate comes from Switzerland. For example, Milk Chocolate was invented in Switzerland.

  1. Keynote speaker: Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Always a great speaker and fun to be around, he's one of the BDFL's of Django.

  1. Cheese

I grew up thinking that Swiss Cheese was just about holes. It's so much more. I can't wait to try fresh European cheese made by master craftsmen from the freshest ingredients.

  1. Keynote speaker: Jessica McKellar

In a word, Jessica is incredible. She's a Twisted core developer, PSF board member, part of the trio responsible for the gigantic Boston Python User Group's massive size explosion, and a talented speaker. She's used her incredible talents and skills to increase diversity in the community and generally help other people.

  1. Breakfast

Muesli was invented in Switzerland. I love Muesli. I was floored by how much better it was in New Zealand. I can't wait to try it in it's homeland.

  1. Web Site

The DjangoCon Europe site is crazy. I mean, look at all those animations!

  1. Talks

This is a single track event with proven speakers like Zachary Voase and Andrew Godwin, yet balances that with bringing in new blood to spice things up. And dare I say I'm giving a technical talk with Audrey Roy? ;-)

  1. Mountains

With all the incredible food, you would think you would gain umpteen kilograms. Fortunately there are mountains all around to climb and hike.

  1. Sprints

Want to sprint on Django itself? Look no further because there will be Django core developers around! There will also be notable Python developers like Kenneth Reitz and others around working hard on a lot of different projects. It's going to intense and fun!

  1. Castles

Living in the USA, we just don't have anything like castles. DjangoCon Europe will be near a small horde of stone fortifications. Which means if the Zombie Apocalypse happens during the conference, we'll have many secure places to go. They also make lovely tourist destinations. :-)

What are you waiting for?

DjangoCon Europe has a cap on attendance. Tickets for Python events have been selling out, not just for PyCon US. Don't miss out!

It's all about me


Call me selfish but I want you there because I haven't haven't met all our European friends yet in person. Hope to see you next month in Zurich!

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