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ZPUG-DC Report 2007/11/07

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Got a good presentation on repose.zope2 by Chris McConnough, which lets you deploy easily in virtualenv with just a few commands. Paste is used a lot, of course. This repose thing lets you use WSGI, which means you can use middleware of choice. Chris shared evalerrer with us, which promises to be a great middleware for any developer.

I like this sort of development because the easier it is to install independent versions of things with variations quickly and without a lot of fuss. So you can try new things, discover you don't like them, and try something else. And you don't need to know a lot to make this work.

Sure, knowing the stuff about how it works is important, but this serves as a nice tool for understanding why. It lowers the barrier for entry, which in the Zope (and Plone) world is important.

Afterwards had great discussions with ZPUG at some bar in DC. Talked to Paul Everitt, Matt Bowen, Chris McConnough, Kapil, and some others. I was very sleepy so I was not as sharp as I can be, but I learned some interesting things.

Kapil agreed with a growing suspicion I have about Grok. I'll post about that in the future. Its mostly positive but it does have a couple critiques.

Kapil reinforced my feelings about Pylons vs Django. Another item for a future post.

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