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My first day in Chicago

This was originally posted on blogger here.

So getting from National Airport next to Washington, DC to the DoubleTree Hotel was an exercise in patience. I won't go into the details but lets just say I arrived about 4 hours later than planned. I couldn't find my co-workers, felt mopey, so spent the small amount of daylight in my room.

Part of it was that when I finally landed in Chicago I didn't feel like I had actually gone anywhere. The hotel park around O'Hare airport is a lot like the hotel parks around Dullas, but without as many trees. Unlike Naples there was a total lack of soul. Chicago depressed me.

After several hours I made my way downstairs looking for food. The hotel has two restaurants. The more prominent one was Gibsons Steakhouse, but it was packed with a 30 minute waiting list and no available menu to peruse. The other was a quiet place with a menu, albeit overpriced. I choose the latter. I didn't expect much, figuring that this way I wouldn't be disappointed.

Nevertheless, I managed to be disappointed.

I went to the sundry store, bought a few necessities, and found sleep waiting.

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