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First day of Pycon 2008 - The Tutorials!

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Today I woke up, grabbed a nice, hot shower, then made my way to Pycon 2008 registration in the Crown Plaza Hotel, which is behind the DoubleTree.

Registration took 3 minutes. I grabbed a bite to eat and became friends with a married couple, pythonista Joanna and her husband, a java developer named John whose second job is that of an author (and of the same sort of stuff as my loving wife).

Right before my tutorial started I stumbled into my co-worker Chris. We chatted for 30 seconds and then joined our respective groups.

One thing to note, Internet access in the conference is really shakey.

Alas, I only had two tutorials today, with a 5 hour break between them. Fortunately John, the java guy had nothing to do today so we made our way into downtown Chicago. Which was a lot of fun. I took a bunch of pictures, and will get them on-line tomorrow along with a report as to all the fun we had in just a few hours. I'll post about our adventure next.

I got back, ate pizza-shaped food in the hotel, proving yet again that hotel food in the US sucks, then joined the second tutorial

Tutorial Report: Numpy

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