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Day after the hospital

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I went to our General Practice physician about the lower left kack/kidney pain. After a Q&A and lots of poking and prodding here are the results:

  • I definately have a bruised or stress fractured lowest left rib. That actually isn't as bad as it sounds. This sort of thing just happens to me cause I do a lot of contact work. I've got to watch that rib for a week or two and then it should be fine.
  • The kidney area pain doesn't add up. I've got some of the symptoms of kidney stones and most of the symptoms of blunt trauma. But not enough of either to be certain. They can trigger the pain again by pressing with force against my kidney though, so the issue is still there.

    So what does this mean? Well, I have to be careful of taking impact on that area. If it returns when they gave me a muscle relaxant for the pain. And I'm supposed to go back for retests if the pain returns or a week goes by.

    How do I feel? Tired from lack of sleep. A bit of nausea. Otherwise am okay. I'll be coming to work tomorrow.

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