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Next time I'll read the label

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So Saturday I get to the gym at around 9am. I plan to be there until 3pm. Unfortunately for the world I left my deodorant at home. So I raid someone else's unlocked locker and find a stick. I apply to my underarms and then check the label to see what brand.

The brand is Icy-Hot.

Which heats up on the skin.

I figure I'll be okay. I mean, its nice on sore muscles and stuff, so it should be okay in my armpits. It feels warm but I'm not bad off.
60 seconds I'm in the bathroom frantically rubbing the burning stuff off using wet paper towels and trying not to howl in anguish.

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Unknown said on 2008-04-11

They probably left it there on purpose, because they were sick of someone stealing their deodorant all of the time.

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