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Status of NASA Science

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Last week we were #1 on digg/science and #3 on digg over all:


We were slashdotted:


We are on Wired:


Lots of other press too. Our system spiked a bit when we went high up in rankings on digg, but otherwise has run pretty smoothly. The caching is working just fine.

Most of the public comments are positive, some are helpful and are directing us towards bugs/mistakes. Some are snarky, ranging from the idiotic to the really funny.

Our feedback system is ugly but it works. Best question so far: 'When it is daytime on earth, is it daytime on all the other planets too?' Remember, we aren't allowed to ask the age of feedback submitters, so this could be a child or an adults. The fun is in guessing.

Anyway, this will look @#$% good on the resume.

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