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Zed Shaw, YAML, Python Community

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Zed Shaw posts about something I found annoying about a ways back when I was first exploring Python.

Like Zed, I too have run into the "YAML is not Python so don't use it, but wait someone else is using something YAML which is not Python so lets use that!" statement in the early stages of my Python use. Since Zed and I trade emails I should have warned him this would happen but the past few weeks have been hectic.

So this is an official apology to Zed for not giving the warning.

I wish I had given him the warning because that would have been awesome. Likely he would have ignored me, gone down the same path anyway, and then I would have a handy 'I told you so' to hold over his head.

Anyway, this is one of those few things I don't like about Python or the Python community.

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