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I missed a class taught by Lennert Regebro?

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It was way back in January. I never heard of it! Did they not advertise?

I doubt I would have gone because at 1500 GBP (about $2900) plus travel expenses (about another $1000) for three days it was way too much to either pay myself or get NASA to fund. Especially since the Plone boot camp is $500 for five days and was held locally.

Still, if I had known, I would have contacted him and begged for a more affordable class held in the Washington, DC area. I bet I could convince ZPUG-DC to host him and Jorgen, I'm sure of it. It would be worth it because Lennert is a really great guy and maybe if I had hung out with him more at Pycon I would be a better plonista today.

Later today if I get a chance I will email him and see what can be done.

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