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The temptation is very strong...

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I want a vacation. One away from home, my daily chores, work and anything involving responsibility. A clean break from life. Our finances are in improving shape, so a vacation is in our reach. I don't have expensive tastes, and neither does my family. Preferably I want to go somewhere warm and enjoy the ocean. The sea gives my soul energy. Ideally I want a $1000 vacation for the three of us (me, wife, 16-year old son).

However, upon any sort of reflection, now is not the time. We have so much that needs doing. A quick list of things to do:

  • Take down the dying tree in back ($2300)

  • Take down a tree growing on the side of our house ($1000)

  • Redo the kitchen sink ($1000)

  • Install a dishwasher in the kitchen ($1000)

  • Electrical work in the basement ($500)

  • Replace the upstairs toilette ($300)

  • Replace all our 1960s era windows ($5000)

  • Fix the back porch roof ($750)

  • Pay back a hospital bill ($300)

  • Buy me a new bike ($500)

  • Pay back a bigger bill or three ($infinity)

And that is just after a minute of thought. Bleah. I think if I can consult more and use leave time to get regular salary while doing so things might be better. Hrm...

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