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Deployment skills need work

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I love being a developer. I love writing code, juggling objects, doing configurations, doing database stuff, styling HTML, and implementing themes. What I do hate is deployment. So while I feel empowered by tools like distutils, zc.buildout, and variations therein, actually doing that sort of work is very tedious to me. In both my dayjob and side consulting I have very good people to do that sort of thing for me so all I need to do is basic deployment work.

However, I readily admit this is a shortcoming. One I should work to fix.

The good people of Six Feet Up had a deployment workshop this month that I did not attend. If I wanted to I might have been able to press for it as a class, but had other things on my mind. I'm wondering if it is offered again if it makes sense to go next time.

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