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I hate Mac & Cheese

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I'm not a picky eater. I'm willing to eat every meat that is legal in the United States and wouldn't mind traveling to places where the laws are different. I have this strange desire to try pickled insects in a third world nation. I often eat things I don't like, such as eggplant.

However, the truth is that I really loathe mac & cheese. I hate cooking it, I hate eating it, I hate cleaning up after it. I've thrown away pots that have been used to cook it. I claim to be different because I despise this American staple, and silly as you may think it may be it is my preference not to have anything to do with cheesy pasta. Heck, it ain't even healthy.

Note: I sometimes like some cheese on top of tomato based sauces or chili that has pasta mixed into it. This is not the same thing as mac & cheese.

Yet the complication I face is that I have dear friends and family who think that their prize-winning homemade mac & cheese made from imported unpasteurized cheese will be something that I love. That I'll change and they'll get the chance to smugly say that it was the quality of what I've eaten that discouraged me.

That won't happen.

I've been forced to try everything from Kraft mac & cheese to gourmet cheesy pasta prepared by chefs I otherwise respect. I've had it dumped on my plate on picnics and in fancy restaurants. I've had the people proudly insist I try their recipe all while making it clear that they would take it as a personal insult if I didn't try it and would also take it as a personal insult if I didn't like it.

And you know what?

I hated it. Its vile. Its disgusting.

Please stop insisting that I try your concoction. You aren't going to change me.

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Gamble said on 2010-06-29

Danny, dearie, I will gladly eat your untouched portions of Macaroni and Cheese!

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