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2010 Resolution Summary

This was originally posted on blogger here.

Items that are crossed out are completed.

  • Sell the house, pay off the remainders of my debts, and get my own place to stay. And get a car too.

  • Travel to another country.

  • Take my son to another country.

  • Drop the waist size 2 inches and not break any bones.

  • Go to an amusement park, visit the beach, and also see a part of the USA I've never been.

  • Do more educational work for Python related technologies, and that includes getting the Django Education Foundation really rolling forwards.

  • Throw away at least half my current stuff. I don't have much stuff now, and I want even less. Also, If I don't use or interact with any one of my non-book remaining possessions by 2011, I'm throwing it away.

  • Move my blog to my own system and blog at least once a week.

  • Get a mountain bike and have reasons to use it.

  • Get back into Eskrima, focus more on BJJ, get into Capoeira.

  • Hire a maid. I'm not messy, but I want someone to do the fine tuning of my place.

  • Go to Pycon, DjangoCon, and a new conference.

  • Have a beer with Thomas, Andy, Andy, Tony, Garrick, Bernd, and the rest of Ye Aulde Gange.

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