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Python and Django class/hackathon!

This was originally posted on blogger here.

The Los Angeles Python community (LA Django and LA PyLadies) is meeting in Santa Monica on July 23rd to teach Django and hack on all things Python on Saturday, July 23rd. The day will start with a Django class based on the official Django tutorial, then turn into a general hackathon, and finish up with lighting talks.

Leading the event is noted Pythonista Katharine Jarmul. As Katharine is giving the talk on web scraping at DjangoCon US, I'm hoping we can get her to give a lightning talk on the subject.

Learning Django

Sandy Strong will lead the effort to  teach people the fundamentals of Django. Besides all things Django and devops, Sandy is presenting the testing talk at DjangoCon US. And if that isn't good enough for you, she won't be alone teaching - there will be a bunch of us developers experienced with Django there to to provide her with support.

Even if you already know Django, please come and hang out for the first half! You can either help out others or work on your own project.

Hacking Python and Django

The second half of the day will be about working on whatever you want. If you are new to Django and want to finish the tutorial, go right ahead. Or you can work on your own pet Django or Python project. In fact, I know that there will be work on the nascent Pyramid project intended to represent the entire Los Angeles Python community.

Lightning Talks

We'll finish with lightning talks. Several people who attended the day will get the chance to talk for 5 minutes or so about a project, tool, or cause they wanted to share. If they go too long we start applauding until they step down.

Social Hour

After another awesome day of Python in LA, everyone will cool down by hanging and chatting over drinks. If you're lucky, maybe you'll get to see me do a drunken one-handed cartwheel where I don't spill a drop of what I'm holding.

My role

I'll be there in my normal role of setting up tables and chairs, helping during the class portion, and hacking on some Packaginator stuff in preparation for the forthcoming August/September Packaginator sprints at PyCon AU, Kiwi Pycon, and DjangoCon US.


This is all possible thanks to the sponsorship of Mahalo, Cars.com, and the Python Software Foundation

Sign up!

Tickets are selling out really fast! Sign up now!

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