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Resolutions for 2023

Resolutions for 2023

Continue to work on saving the planet

Since November of 2020 I've been at Octopus Energy using my skills and talent to address climate change. I plan to continue that effort. You can read my thoughts on why I'm so dedicated to our mission here.

Continue my fitness journey

In 2022 I joined a VR Beat Saber club and started going to a chiropractor. These helped a shoulder injury recover enough for me to start weightlifting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu again. I want to continue and fit in my old clothes again.

In 2023 I plan to continue my fitness journey.

Publish at least book

Last I published a new book was 2020. Be it fiction or non-fiction I want to put out a new book.

Compete in a hackathon

The last I participated in a hackathon was 2021. I love the feeling of competition and drive to launch fast. I'm hoping to have the opportunity to compete in 2023.

Go someplace new

Be it here in Southern California, another state, or even another country, I want to explore someplace new. I'm hoping to go to the Grand Canyon in 2023 but I'll take anything.

Learn new things

I'm of the opinion that if you're not learning, you're career is ending. I want to continue to learn new things. In 2023 I plan to learn more about Python, Rust, and JavaScript. While I'm at it, I want to deepen my BJJ knowledge.

Be a good parent

Going into my daughter's 4th year I rededicate myself toward being a good father.

2023 resolutions

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