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We moved to London, UK!

We're going to be here for a while in the United Kingdon, London to be precise.

Where are you living?

In central London, not far from Oxford Circus.

We had looked at living more on the periphery, but the cost of rent was the same or barely cheaper - not enough to cover the cost of commuting to the office.

What about the USA?

The USA is our homeland and we're still US citizens. We still have family and friends there. We're planning on visiting the US at least once a year.

What about your daughter?

Uma loves London and is going to school here.

If I'm in London can I meet up with you?

Sure! Some options:

  • As I work in the building, I almost always go to Django London
  • I go to at least one other London tech meetup per month
  • If you want to meet up for coffee, hit me up on social media

You work at Kraken Tech, aren't they connected to Octopus Energy?

I work at Kraken Tech building software for decarbonization- and electrification-focused retail energy companies like Octopus Energy. They are sister companies intent on improving the world.

You can read in detail why I work for them here. Just replace everything saying "Octopus Energy" with "Kraken Tech" - the division in the USA was not there yet when I wrote it.

Do you have one of those Octopus Energy referral codes?

While I work for Kraken Tech I'm a customer of Octopus Energy. So if you are anywhere on the planet served by Octopus Energy, you should be able to use my referral code to get a £50 credit on your energy bill.

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