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Calendar About Nothing

On October 16th, 2011, which was one hundred and sixty-four days before I published this post, I resolved to get myself onto the Longest Streak list of Calendar About Nothing. Today, with this blog post, I've managed to do just that - get on the Longest Streaks.

Calendar About Nothing tracks your open project commits on Github. It tallies your total number of days, records your longest streak, and lets you compare yourself against other committers. The idea comes from an article where Jerry Seinfeld says his secret to productivity is to get something done every day, because if you skip one day then skipping another day is easier.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

The majority of those days I would like to think I did real commits. I pledged to myself to do more than just white space tweaks or write a script to do the work for me. I wanted to accomplish things and make a difference. I started projects, wrote code, cleaned up old code, added tests, documented a lot, and moved my blog here. It's been an awesome time, and keeping my fingers constantly in projects has been eye opening.

I feel a great sense of relief.

I've really enjoyed this but there were days it was hard to get to the internet or days I was busy on other things. I discovered early on my phone was not a good interface with Github's text editor. Some days I had no desire to code or lacked the creativity to write. Then I remembered that my ability to work openly on Github is a gift, and I should just do it. Now I can relax a bit and if I miss a day, it's not such a big deal. I've made it to the Longest Streak list!

Going for a longer streak

We'll see what happens now. I just feel happy that I've captured the moment and made my mark on the board. I invite you to do the same.


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