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Our Django Book Has Launched

Original TSD Book Cover

We (Audrey Roy and I) wrote a book on Django! It's called Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.5, and you can buy it right now in e-book (PDF) form on the website: https://roygreenfeld.com/products/two-scoops-of-django-1-5.

Django, like any framework, has tips, tricks, and pitfalls that aren't documented in one place. Experienced developers know this stuff, but gleaning it off the Internet takes a lot of time. We decided to take everything we know and write it down. This book reflects a portion of what we documented, and if it does well we plan to follow it up with other references.

If you've followed this blog or watched our talks you've know we've explained tons of Django and Python related examples. We enjoy using Django and Python to build stable, fast web applications quickly and efficiently. This is the book we would have wanted while learning the intricacies of our tools, and then kept it handy for reference.

In the book we cover everything from customizing the Django 1.5 User model, forms, views, templates, security, bottleneck analysis and so much more. We tie in third-party packages from the Django and Python community. We discuss the positive patterns that allow for rapid development, and point out the anti-patterns that cause problems. The result isn't a walk-through or tutorial, but a reference guide for anyone with at least a basic understanding of Django.

We tried to make the code copy/pastable, but we are constrained by the limits of PDF. While the code examples display nicely, when pasting from Adobe Reader the leading white spaces vanish. We apologize and ask if anyone knows how to address this issue to let us know at hello@roygreenfeld.com.

Even with an amazing cadre of technical reviewers, there is always the possibility of errors. We are going to be actively maintaining the book, so if you find a mistake, let us know and we'll update it and send out an updated copy of the PDF to all buyers.

If you'd like to buy the book (or learn more about it), you can do so here: https://roygreenfeld.com/products/two-scoops-of-django-1-5

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