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2012 resolution summary

Resolutions completed

  • Go to a Python related conference in North America, Europe, and Asia. Conferences I attended:

    • PyCon US
    • DjangoCon Europe
    • PyCon Philippines
    • PyCon Poland
  • See a place in the USA I've never been. A couple places I saw:

  • Drop to a 32 waist

  • Visit friends and family back east. Been over a year since I've seen my sister!

  • Blog once a week. That is at least 52 blog entries! Details:

    • 48 entries on this blog.
    • 12 entries on my old blog
    • 60 entries total!
  • Visit a Theme park. The parks I got to visit:

  • Implement something in node.js, backbone.js, and handlebars.js

  • Teach some Python or Django.

Resolution Failure

  • Go to a Python related conference in South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Attend at least one JavaScript related conference or event.
  • Upload all my outstanding pictures to Flickr!
  • Make Consumer Notebook profitable.
  • Pull off an Aú sem Mão during a Capoeira Roda.
  • Attend my first Capoeira Batizado.
  • Work out at least three times a week.
  • Learn how to surf or snowboard.
  • Take a high level Python class from the likes of Raymond Hettiger or David Beazly.
  • Have a beer with Thomas, Andy, Andy, Tony, Garrick, Bernd, and the rest of Ye Aulde Gange.
  • See my old DC area friends such as Eric, Chris, Steve, Beth, Sarah, Daye, Renee, Kenneth, Leslie, Whitney, Dave, and many others.

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