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Strangeness on Planet Plone

This was originally posted on blogger here.

I submitted that my Plone tagged blog posts be added to Planet Plone months ago. Maybe a year ago. Today it seems that I have been accepted to the blogroll.

Unfortunately Planet Plone is slurping up all my posts in one big go, and they do not seem to be in order. My guess is that their is a synch issue between what blogspot and Planet Plone uses as the update field in RSS. Don't you just love specifications used as guidelines?

Anyway, I'm sorry about the confusion. It will be over soon.

2 comments captured from original post on Blogger

claytron said on 2009-01-28

You can blame me :) I was in the plone.org tracker and noticed your year old request was assigned to wiggy (meaning it would never happen). So I assigned it to the proper authorities, then they promptly took care of it.

pydanny said on 2009-01-28

No worries! Its been pretty fun. And I'm enjoying the comments.

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