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Useful python code for blogspot users like me

This was originally posted on blogger here.

The big grief I have with blogspot is that it does not give you an easy way to display code, especially when it comes to XML. Well, that is now accounted for thanks to a handy script by the notable Davide Muzzarelli.

So instead of this (view the source to see the XML instead of just numbers):


You get this:

<daily-values> <total-fat units="g">65</total-fat> <saturated-fat units="g">20</saturated-fat> <cholesterol units="mg">300</cholesterol> <sodium units="mg">2400</sodium> <carb units="g">300</carb> <fiber units="g">25</fiber> <protein units="g">50</protein> </daily-values>

Thank you so much Davide!!!

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Davide Muzzarelli said on 2009-01-06

Just a little and fast script ;) Thank you Daniel for sharing it and for your others useful tips :)

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