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I want to give a class or talk at Pycon 2010

This was originally posted on blogger here.

For Pycon 2010, classes/tutorials would be pretty easy are easy to cook up. I can think of two I can do, right after each other:

The first class gets you started with Django core bits and pieces. The second would show you Pinax and what things you can do with it.

The problem is that I'm not sure what to do when it comes to talks. Current ideas:

  • A reprise of our upcoming Pinax tutorial at DjangoCon

  • How to suffer through SOAP web services using Python even though REST is so much better (I might be too bitter for this one).

  • Why I like stupid template languages (expanding on a tangent of this article).

  • Lets move widgets into HTML templates and out of python code! Modern JavaScript libraries makes this easy!

  • Using JQuery + Django to make 508/WAC compliant AJAX applications

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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eleddy said on 2009-09-02

I know that SOAP is miserable in python, but in any real "enterprisey" integration, its absolutely necessary. Docs online are flimsy and there are so many packages - most of which are missing key pieces of implementation or are too complex. I would go see something like that, although I'm not too convinced pycon is really the right audience for that....

Unknown said on 2009-09-02

I'd happily go to the SOAP talk, the widgets talk or the 508/WAC talk, with the accessibility talk being my first choice, SOAP second.

Jesse said on 2009-09-03

SOAP makes me want to harm myself.

Steve said on 2009-09-17

The jQuery 508/WAC compliance talk would be interesting. I continue to go out of my way to avoid any discussion of SOAP. And having discovered jQuery in the last few months I think it's a technology more web developers could usefully learn about.

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