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PyPI Project URLs Cheatsheet

See these links in the image below? I want every PyPI project to have them in the left column.

PyPI project URLs

The challenge is the PyPI project URLs spec is defined only in code. Here's my cheatsheet explaining how to configure them. I'll update this as I learn more (suggestions welcome!). Examples in several formats.

Example for pyproject.toml

The [project.urls] table shown below only works if there is a [project] table.


# Project homepage, often a link to GitHub or GitLab
# Often specified in the [project] table
homepage = "https://example.com"

# The source code repository, don't use this if your homepage
# is the repo
repository = "https://github.com/me/spam.git"

# The changelog, really useful for ongoing users of your project
changelog = "https://github.com/me/spam/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md"

# Any long form docs
docs = "https://readthedocs.org"
documentation = "https://readthedocs.org"

# Bugs/issues/feature requests
bugs = "https://change/requests"
issues = "https://change/requests"
tracker = "https://change/requests"

# Really only useful if you have a binary download
download = "https://pypi.org/project/spam/#files"

# Funding requests, which hopefully you will get more than pizza money
sponsor = "https://please/give/me/money"
funding = "https://please/give/me/money"
donate = "https://please/give/me/money"

# Discussion areas
mastodon = "https://mastodon/server/@me"
twitter = "https://twitter/or/x"
slack = "https://server/on/slack"
reddit = "https://reddit/r/area"
discord = "https://discord/area"
gitter = "https://gitter/area"

Example for poetry project

Poetry has its own location for urls in the [tool.poetry.urls] table. Per the Poetry documentation on urls:

"In addition to the basic urls (homepage, repository and documentation), you can specify any custom url in the urls section."


changelog = "https://github.com/mygithubusername/projectname/releases"
documentation = "https://mygithubusername.github.io/projectname/"
issues = "https://github.com/mygithubusername/projectname/issues"

Example for setup.py

For legacy reasons, here's the same thing in setup.py format.

# setup.py
from setuptools import setup

VERSION = "4.0.0"

    # ...
        "Documentation": "https://xocto.readthedocs.io",
        "Changelog": "https://github.com/octoenergy/xocto/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md",
        "Issues": "https://github.com/octoenergy/xocto/issues",

See also

As other resources from other people turn up, I'll add them here.

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