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Recap of 2023 and Resolutions for 2024

Another year in orbit around a star.

Recap for 2023

  • We moved to London
  • Truly enjoyed being the husband of Audrey Roy Greenfeld
  • Embraced the delights being the father to Uma Roy Greenfeld in her fourth year in the universe
  • I trained more in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)
  • I tried HEMA and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu
  • I lost 9kg/20 lbs and got into much better shape
  • I got injured, hurt my shoulder in a bicycle accident
  • I went to Paris for the first time! To speak at a Django event and take in the sights. Really enjoyed the Eurostar train that took us from London to Paris - easier than a plane!
  • Visited family in my home state of New Jersey. Also went to New York
  • Started up a Today I Learned (TIL) segment on this blog
  • Focused on code instead of leadership. I switch between code and leadership every few years, so it is exciting to be in a new cycle
  • Spoke at Pycon Italy, returning to Italy for the first time in 10 years
  • For the first time since 2009, attended a pycon (PyCon UK) not as a speaker, but just to learn and socialize
  • Relearned to take holidays/vacation time, "working smarter less not harder more" is the way to go. I clearly get more stuff done and am so much more creative if I don't overwork
  • Spent more time with friends
  • Gave away most of my stuff in Los Angeles, keeping only true family relics
  • Launched a fun, new, useful open-source package, my first in years. It is called dj-notebook, here is the repo and here is the docs
  • Finished my third year at Kraken Tech of Octopus Energy Group

2023 Recap vs 2023 Resolutions

How well did I match my resolutions for 2023?

  • ✔️ Continue to work on saving the planet
  • ✔️ Continue my fitness journey
    • BJJ
    • Weights
    • Cycling and walking in London
  • ✔️ Go to new places
    • Paris, France
    • Cardiff, Wales, UK
    • London as a resident
  • ✔️ Learn new things
    • Some Rust, not as much as I wanted
    • Dabbled in Phoenix and Elixir, fun stuff
    • TIL contains some of other things I learned
  • ✔️ Be a good parent (I like to think I was at least decent)
  • ✖️ Publish at least one book
  • ✖️ Compete in a hackathon

Resolutions for 2024

What I plan to do in the coming year

  • Adore my soul mate, Audrey Roy Greenfeld
  • Be there for my daughter Uma Roy Greenfeld in her 5th year on Planet Earth
  • Blog more reliably, writing a script to create skeleton blog posts
  • Continue my fitness journey with BJJ, weights, cycling, walking, and other healthy activities
  • Write fiction, maybe publish it
  • Embrace taking time off to recharge aka "working smarter less not harder more"
  • Travel to new places, preferably by train or other carbon-efficient methods
  • Be a speaker in at least one conference. Fortunately, I'm scheduled to give a talk at PyCon Lithuania 2024
  • Finish my fourth year at Kraken Tech, advancing the cause of renewable energy with the mission of addressing global climate change

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